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South Fork American - Rafting Trip - Upper 9:00AM

South Fork American - Rafting Trip - Upper 9:00AM


The Upper Section of the South Fork American River is an exciting Class 3 rafting trip with over 10 major rapids. Its course will start at Chili Bar put-in and take you through the small mining town of Coloma, where James Marshall first discovered gold in 1848 and changed the course of California history. The whitewater begins right away on this river trip. Calm sections are interspersed with rapids and the excitement comes to a head towards the end of this 8 mile run with a challenging rapid known as "Troublemaker". 

This river trip is excellent for either the veteran or novice. The flows on the South Fork American River are the most dependable in the state, with guaranteed recreational releases throoughout the summer for the next 50 years.

If you are looking to try your first rafting trip, or if you are a rafting pro, you can't go wrong with the Upper "Chili Bar" section of the South Fork American.

Trip meets at 9:00AM at River Park resort. Plan to be back to your car by 1:00PM

We do not serve food on our rafting trips. You can bring a picnic lunch to eat at our riverfront resort after the rafting if you would like to. We have lots of beautiful spots to relax and watch the river after the rafting trip. There are also several places nearby to purchase lunch after the trip.


Trip meets at River Park Resort at 9:00AM

9:00AM - Trip check in. Our address is 7321 River Park Drive. Lotus, CA 95651. Please arrive on time!

9:15AM - After all participants have checked in, we will fit you for lifejackets and other river gear, as needed. We do not recommend that you bring valuable items with you on the trip. We will ride the shuttle bus to Chili Bar put-in which takes about 30 minutes. 

10:00 AM -  Our trip leader will give a river orientation and safety talk. Paddling techniques and helpful rafting tips are the topics of discussion. When everyone is up to speed on trip safety, you'll board the rafts and head downstream with your guide. The action starts right away on the Upper section of the South Fork. Within 1 mile, we'll be running a long, technical rapid known as "Meatgrinder". After this, the rapids come in quick succession with "Racehorse Bend" and "Triple Threat" providing the thrills. The last Big Rapid of the trip is the grand daddy of them all... "Troublemaker". Regarded by many as the highlight of the trip, "Troublemaker" is your chance for excitement, so make sure you are smiling through this rapid for some great photo opportunities!

1:00PM - We arrive back at River Park Resort. At the resort, you may view and purchase your fun rafting videos and photos. Cold beer, wine and other beverages are available for purchase at our river store and outdoor patio bar. Enjoy the setting, relax and share your stories about your excellent rafting trip!
















This trip meets and checks in at River Park Resort:

7321 River Park Drive

Lotus, CA 95651







  • When is the best time of the year to raft the South Fork American River?

California has rafting nearly year round but the most popular time to go is April through July for high water and maximum excitement. July through October still has plenty of action due to dam released water. Early season has great whitewater and we have discounts for April and May trips. Look here for information.

  • Do I have to know how to swim well?

Due to higher water levels this summer, we recommend all participants have basic swimming abilities. If you are not a strong swimmer, consider booking a trip in mid to later August, when water levels will be lower again.

  • Will I need a wetsuit?

If you raft during high water (spring season) you will need a wetsuit whether you rent one from us or provide your own. Summer rafting on the South Fork American River does not require a wetsuit. Contact us if you have questions.

  • What should I bring?

You need to bring shorts, swim suit, t-shirt, foot protection (old tennis shoes, booties or sport sandals), and a dry set of clothes for your ride home. Everything that you wear will get wet so plan accordingly. Please do not bring valuable items (i.e. expensive clothes or shoes, jewelry, non-waterproof cameras or other items) on the raft. Under a wetsuit you will wear swimwear or insulated synthetic winter underwear (No COTTON) on cold spring days. On cold days wear wetsuit booties for extra warmth.

For camping trips bring all the camping equipment you need (even the kitchen sink if required) since all of our 2 day trips operate from a base camp where you can drive in. We have lists of equipment recommended for all trips. Do not bring pets to any of our trips.

  • What if I am a vegetarian

    Our chili dog lunch is served buffet style . We can substitute a veggie patty for your beef hot dog. If you have other dietary restrictions please feel free to bring your own food.

  • How often do trips run?

We run trips seven days a week from April through October. There are certain days in early and late season during the week that we may not have trips scheduled but can run a trip if you have at least 4 persons. Plan your trip as far in advance as possible and this will give you more options for trip dates if you have a group since most of our popular dates book well in advance.

  • How many people go with each trip?

During midweek we have smaller sized groups and the rivers are generally less crowded making the solitude of the trip much better than on weekends. On weekends we generally book out so we run the maximum group size that is listed for each river. Sundays are sometimes less crowded than Saturdays. Early and late season are less busy than prime season.

  • What if the weather is bad?

    We will run in any condition of weather or may give everyone the option to take a rain-check credit if the weather is extremely unpleasant at the check-in point. After April, the weather is usually perfect for rafting.

  • Can we request a guide?

If we have at least 2 weeks notice we will make every effort possible to schedule a guide that you enjoyed in the past.

  • Is it appropriate to tip our guide after the trip?

Although a tip is not expected, if you feel your guide has done an exceptional job or gone that extra step to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, a tip is a nice way to show your appreciation.

  • Can we still raft if we have young children (under 7 years)?

Yes. On a two day trip on the South Fork American we can run a split trip where a different parent stays in camp during each day. We can also take kids as young as 5 on the Lotus section of the South Fork.


What to Bring

What to bring:

For your river trip, we recommend the following items:

  • Swimsuit/shorts
  • Tennis shoes, sports sandals or wetsuit booties
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • T-shirts or rash-guard shirts
  • Dry clothes for your ride home (you can leave these dry items in your car)
  • 1 plastic bottle of water per person
If you would like to have lunch after your trip River Park Resort is a great place to enjoy your own picnic lunch. We have picnic tables that you can use and we sell drinks and ice at check in.

Please do not bring pets or valuable items.

You may check in car keys, wallets and cell phiones to our office.

Camping & Lodging

Places to stay: Motels:

Places to stay: Inns:

Places to stay: Lake Tahoe


Things to do:


Trip Details

Rafting - Upper 9:00AM
Difficulty: 3
Minimum Age: 7 yrs

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Price: $89 - $99

Lunch is not included


A group of 9 women went to Beyond Limits for a weekend bachelorette party... What a blast!
- Check in was super easy
- owners were exceptional
- campground, cabin tents and bathrooms were well maintained and comfortable
- staff & river guides were AWESOME!
- we had a breakfast, lunch and dinner provided in our package and it was all delicious

Since we had 9 people we had a raft to ourselves and our guide Kevin was really great and made sure that r had a memorable ride down the river.

All of us want to go rafting again and with Beyond Limits.

July 2014, South Fork American - Rafting with lunch, dinner, breakfast & camping!